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Benefits of Reading to Your Children (Part 1)

Many parents may not know the full extent of the benefits that come from reading to their children. It's not just about bonding or teaching them to read - research has shown that there are real, tangible benefits to reading aloud to kids.

Reading helps develop language skills -

Reading to children is a great way to help them develop language skills. Every time you read to children, they learn something new. It introduces them to concepts of phonics as well as providing an opportunity to practice their newly learned language skills. Reading stories together makes children more comfortable speaking out loud and engaging in conversation - building a strong foundations for future learning and success.

Helps them learn how to read on their own -

Reading to children is an instrumental tool in their development. It teaches important lessons such as language and morals. It also helps them acquire the skills necessary to become independent readers. Reading aloud not only exposes children to the mechanics of reading, but also encourages a positive attitude towards reading and success in later education—so start reading now!

Reading aloud improves listening skills -

Reading aloud to kids allows them to hear the subtle differences in intonation, volume, and pacing that can sometimes be lost in the written word. Children benefit not only from understanding the story itself but also by hearing how to properly inflect sentences and emotions - two important communication tools they will use throughout their lives.

Looking for something fun to do or looking for a way to help your child excel, consider cracking open a good book. You will both benefit from it!

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