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Books Around America

Ever wonder how geography has played a role in literature? Check out “Books Around America” - an interactive web-page with a location-specific tool that reveals some of the most popular books that use that location as their setting. Simply enter a zip code or location.

The above webpage also includes a variety of playful literary infographics that illustrate nationwide stats — from the most popular book setting in every state to the places that are home to the highest percentages of romance novels, thrillers, etc.

According to the data Crossword-Solver extracted from Goodreads, did you know that 92.59% of books set in Lowell, MA are historical or that Providence, RI, is a Top 10 location for Sci-Fi genre?

Whether you are curious as to how geography has played a role in literature or you're planning your next trip and want a book set in your locale, explore this site and enjoy!

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