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Murderous Mondays Book Club - June Selection

Come join us on Monday, June 12 at 6pm in the Manton Room as we discuss The September Society by Charles Finch.

Do you love a good mystery? Lots of people find this genre fascinating. You need not be a Sherlock Homes/Agatha Christie/ Edgar Alan Poe aficionado as selections from our current mystery novel list are to die for.

Why not share your enthusiasm with other like minds at the Murderous Mondays Book Club meeting every 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 pm held in the Manton Room.

Discussions are lively and listening to the intricacies of the latest mystery/thriller book selection not only enhances your reading experience but is a great way to spend a Monday evening with other mystery readers. Always a good way to broaden your range of mystery titles and authors when you listen to other people's favorite books.

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