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Young People Prefer the Printed Word Over E-Books

While Generation Z is typically described as being obsessed with all things digital, recent data published by McKinsey, a global strategy consulting firm, indicates that, when it comes to reading, young people actually prefer paperbacks over e-books. In fact, Gen Z has actually helped to drive a literature revival with US and UK book sales for young-adult fiction sales setting new records.

Between November 2021 and November 2022, Nielsen BookData found that in the U.K., print books accounted for 80% of purchases among readers aged 13 to 24. E-books, however, only made up 14% of sales for the same age group during the same period. In the US, Pew Research found that nearly 70% of Americans aged 18 to 29 said they read print books while only 42% read e-books.

“There is nothing like opening up a real book on a couch or beach,” Madalyn Boyd, 23, told Insider, noting a love for libraries and bookstores. She added: “The smell of real books is so personal.”

Based on this trend, share your love of libraries and books with your favorite Gen Z-er during our Summer Paperback Sale - July 24th to August 5th. With over 3,200 paperback books available, this is a great opportunity to find a few paperbacks for those lazy days of summer at the beach or on the back porch.

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